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Tiding up the cellar, the garret, the garage or any other place where one stores old stuff,  one refinds among others old televisions, radios, record players and also forgotten pieces of hardware (HW), old disks like floppies, hard disks, compat disks (CD), containing old operating systems (OS) and programs, i.e. software (SW), which we never used again because we always bought the newest HW and SW, often in an incredible, quite esponential speed.

Sometimes this old stuff, if in good condition and valuable, is worth selling. Most of the time, it takes just place in the own storage place and selling it would not bring as much money worth the time spent for packaging and shipping it.

What is left is just a trip to the recycling yard and throw everything away, or … at least for some of that stuff, the alternative is to revive it.

My personal Cellar

Working in IT since more than 35 years, in my cellar I found of course a lot of HW and SW, old laptops not worth selling and old licensed SW now useless.

I admit, I had and have many Apple devices (iPhone, MacBook, iPad) but having started my career in Information Technology as coder in the 80s of the 20th century, as typical for that time, in a garage in Rome, my heart belongs to Microsoft and thus Windows, as I experienced from first hand their evolution!

That’s why, from a first idea of a Vintage Operating Systems project, greedy as I am, I developed also ideas for other projects, like Mac OS X and Windows together on an old laptop; some non-windows OS, nowadays usually pre-installed on tablets, mobile phones or even any other device like televisions, cars, etc.; all PC’s and mainframes’ OS’ I used during my career, even if just as virtual machines.

My elder Brothers’ Garage

Also tiding up my older brother’s garage, I found some interesting stuff, which brought back remembrances of my childness or youngness, and which my brother gifted me, e.g. the first TV we had when I was a child, and an old motorcycle in that garage since more than 20 years. For both I initiated two more projects.


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